handweaving, knitting, felting, silk, handspun yarns etc.
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Spiral Studio (Mary Andrews - Tutor):
Feltmaking Classes
JointWorks Studio (Jane & Tony Clark):
Handcrafted fine furniture and hand weaving
Joanne Weaving (Joanne Peter):
Alpaca, Possum, Wool-Mohair Products, Jerseys, Rugs, & Other

Nelson Creative Fibre Group
Local craft group open to anyone interested in fibre arts including knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, felting and dyeing. Check out our Facebook page for more information.

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Fibre Spectrum
In 1987 a group of handweavers came together to sell their wares collectively from this historic 100 year old building. The modern looms and spinning wheels used for this purpose do not differ significantly from those used in the 18th century by the early cloth weavers who laboured to produce clothing for their families.
Today, weavers and fibre artists are producing many quality items in a range of vibrant colours, textures, and styles, whilst still retaining the individuality of this ancient craft.
See us for a wide range of
quality giftware & novelties
Click here to read the article written by Sue Schneider about the history and development of Fibre Spectrum
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  Links to previous Exhibitions:
May 2018 "Eco Printing" by Diane Harris
Apr 2018 "Snips 'n' Tucks by Sheree Phyn
Mar 2018 "Encaustic Wax & Feltmaking" by Lyn Whitford & Mary Andrews
Feb 2018 "It's About Vessels" by Fibre Otica
Jan 2018 "Options" by Karen Cocksedge
Dec 2017 "Where The Wild Things Were" by Kaye Bel Cher
Nov 2017 "Teapot Prints" by Yvonne Hammond
Oct 2017 "Beautiful Skulls" -  Lou-Darcie Lewis
Sep 2017 "Cold Tomato Soup" - Sarah Bergen-Redwood
Aug 2017 "Strands of Colour" - Jackie Archer
Jul 2017 "Excavations from Ancient Civilizations" - Averill Moore
Jun 2017 Fibre Spectrum Celebrating 30 years
Handweaving & Fibre Artists Cooperative
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Fibre Spectrum has CLOSED but some members can be contacted (see below):
Press Release 2nd April 2018:

Fibre Spectrum, the well-known and respected fibre-arts co-operative on Trafalgar Street, is to close.
The co-op has been operating from these premises for just over 30 years,
but at the members’ monthly meeting on Tuesday, the difficult decision was made to close.

Despite many discussions to find an alternative solution, the difficult situation with rising costs and other factors has meant it is simply not feasible to keep operating.
Fibre Spectrum has built up a reputation as one of Nelson’s icons, with a loyal following of both local and overseas buyers, so it is with immense regret that the decision has been made.
Any further announcements about Fibre Spectrum, or its members will be made on this website in the meantime.