Fibre Spectrum Exhibition - April 2017
  A selection of “Modern Quilts” by our local quilter of many years experience, Beverly Dyke
Artist's Statement:

Quilts Made Modern.....

In recent years a new development in quilting has become what is called "modern quilts". these are simple designs, often using plain  fabrics, with large areas of 'negative spaces' to allow room for interesting quilting.
I enjoy machine quilting and have gravitated towards making these modern quilted wallhangings.

One piece, ' Two Hundred and Sixty Five Thousand - plus 78 '  [indicating the number of stitches in the  quilting] was accepted for entry, with 19 other pieces from New Zealand, in the 2016 World Quilt Exhibition in U.S.A., travelling to various venues there.

Two other small pieces have been influenced by designs in adult colouring books.  

Beverly Dyke  phone: 03 526 7702
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