Fibre Spectrum Exhibition March 2016

Nelson Guild of Woodworkers invite you to see their exhibition
An exhibition of small boxes from trinket boxes to
jewellery boxes showcasing beautiful woods and styles.
Bill Filmer (BEM)
I have been retired for two years, following 20 years in the RNZN, and 28 years at TNL Group working in administration.
I have always had an interest in woodworking but never had the time to do much, owing to helping my wife raise two boys and being busy in sports and outdoor activities, as well as work.
I have always carried out DIY projects as time allowed, but retirement gave me the
opportunity to finally commit to doing
woodwork, progressively buying machinery and equipment as I went along.

So that I could advance and learn new skills, I joined the Nelson Guild of Woodworkers where the members' great depth of knowledge and expertise has been invaluable.
So far I have made furniture and toys for family, this is my first time at a public exhibition of pieces I have made.
Brian Kendrick
Woodworking has been a long time hobby with considerably less than adequate time given to it.
I like working with native timber and have, over many years acquired a collection of tools. I enjoy using my lathe as it allows me to create items without needing to accurately design them.
So often, the forms evolve from the piece of wood, delighting me with their form. I have recently been able to use the bandsaw in a similar fashion. three of my boxes in this collection have been made using virtually only the bandsaw.
Chris Feltham
Long time hobbyist, struggling in retirement to move beyond the creation of expensive firewood.
Niven Paine
I am a retired Medical Scientist and IT Consultant with a long interest in things wood.
My grandfather and five generations back, were woodworkers in East London, which may have some influence on this passion.

I like to make useful items for family and friends, and have a passing interest in wooden kayak building and photography. I have a small workshop and I have attended the base course at the Centre For Fine Woodworking at Wakapuaka.

My membership of Nelson Guild of Woodworkers allows me to expand my skills, and to admire and strive to reach the high standards of workmanship achieved by other members.
Paul Trolove
I have been a hobbyist woodworker most of my life.
My particular interests are furniture and toy making, wood carving and woodturning.

I have been involved in furniture restoration and repair, including heritage pieces damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes.
I undertake selected commissions.
Peter Field
I am a retired farmer and hobby woodworker. My interest in hammers and nails began at an
early age. My parents told me, I was found in the farm workshop hammering live 303 bullets into boltholes in a piece of hardwood. Need I say more?
At age 30 I took up woodworking after attending a course taken by Mark Christianson, and turned many bowls out of native timber acquired from the chip mill over the road from where we lived in Queen Street.
I attended the first meeting of the Nelson Guild of Woodworkers, and over the last 30 years
have learnt from fellow woodworkers there is more to woodwork than woodturning. I now only turn wood to make components for furniture, and use recycled timber for most of my
pieces. I have made a lot of pieces for family and friends, and will make furniture on commission when time permits.
I can be contacted on 03 5447309 or 027 2980178
Phil Baker
For 61 years I have been a woodworker. I served an apprenticeship in England as a
carpenter and joiner. I have worked on many types of projects in England, Africa and New Zealand, such as churches, coal mines, copper mines, hospitals, shop and office fittings, and also housing.
I have worked as a carpenter, leading hand, foreman, building supervisor, clerk of works,
engineer for townships, and self employed builder.
Four years ago I retired and built a new home and “The Woodworks” where I undertake
tuition, commissions, furniture repairs, and machining.

The Woodworks
140 Thorpe St
03 5288001
Robbie Burns
I first started woodworking about 3 1/2 years ago when I bought a bandsaw and started
making bandsaw boxes. This stemmed from viewing a Youtube video, and looked like a
fun and rewarding thing to do.
My father was a carpenter/joiner and cabinet maker, so I guess it was in my ‘sap’.
My workshop is small, so making small items like boxes is quite achievable, and suits my
woodworking creativity … for now.
Joining the Nelson Guild of Woodworkers has been an ideal way to not only increase my
woodworking knowledge, but for someone with limited experience, has taken me out of
my comfort zone, albeit briefly.
Tony Clark
I am a full time furniture maker based in the village of Tasman.
My training came via the Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson, in 2009.
Since that time I have been inspired to create pieces for customers.
My inspiration for my work comes from the wood, the form and textures. In the studio I create anything from tables to cabinets. My favourite pieces are boxes of all shapes and sizes.

The studio is shared with a weaver, so it has both textiles and woodwork on display for sale.

413 Aporo Rd
03 5266171
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