Fibre Spectrum Co-Operative
May 2016 Exhibition

An exhibition of feltworks by
textile artist Fiona Cumming, Ngatimoti.

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Artist Statement:

This collection of work demonstrates the use of traditional methods of
felting, spinning, dyeing and embroidery, combined and applied in
various mixes to create contemporary pieces.

I work with natural raw fibres, mainly wool and silk; often using plant dyes which I make from readily accessible plants close at hand.

Drawing on traditional techniques of handcraft, I have focused on how
similar techniques and materials can be manipulated to create a wide
range of effects and uses.

I use simple designs and allow the fibres to dictate as much as
possible the direction and form.

‘Crossover’ describes the basic foundation of all textile work, where
fibres and threads cross one another to form a fabric.
It shows the explorations and some of the many outcomes from the
same starting materials, and also a step for me into life as an artist.

The exhibition includes artworks and wares for home and body.

Fiona Cumming      Tel: 027 332 8250
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Exhibition Room to view Fiona's work...