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December 2015 Exhibition


Beautiful Handcrafted gifts by 4 talented Artists

HARAKEKE (Flax) KETE  ---  by  Hinekawa Manihera & Shanell Kelly - Nelson
LAYERED  POTTERY ---  by Rita Edgar - Nelson
FLAX PAPER PRODUCTS ---  by Pania Brunning  - Dunedin

(price lists below - all prices in NZ$:)
Hinekawa Manihera & Shanell Kelly - Harakeke (Flax) Kete

Ko Moketapu, Tutamapou, Aorakioku Maunga
Ko Maitahi, Te Hoiere, Waimakaririoku Awa
Ko Aoreretoku Moana
Ko Matapihitoku Papa Kainga
Ko Kurahaupo, Tainui, Takitimu Oku Waka
Ko Ngai Tutepourangi oku Hapu
Ko Ngati Kuia, Ngati Koata, Ngati Apa, Ngai Tahuoku lwi

Hinekawa Manihera

I grew up in and around Onetea, Whangarae, Matapihi, Okiwi Bay in the Marlborough Sounds and have spent many decades dedicated to Mahi Toi in the pursuit of learning as well as mentoring and passing on the traditional skills of our tipuna in the art of Raranga (Maori Weaving) -
especially to my granddaughter Shanell.

Our work showcases contemporary Maori art utilising natural materials such as harakeke (flax), corn husks, feathers and other plant based materials to create Kete and Kakahu (flax baskets/cloaks).
These taonga have been dyed in modern and vibrant colours representing the dynamic and innovative entrepreneurship of Maori from the traditional into the modern context.

Shanell Kelly  P. 03 539 4388 M. 029 770 4091

From my Nana Hinekawa I have learned to weave, as a child I weaved with my Kuhia and my Auntie Nell. Only now that I am older, have I developed the patience and passion to weave from the heart.
My ambition is to pass this knowledge on to the next generation as it has been passed on to me.

"Aitia te wahine o te pa harakeke"

("Support the woman who is always at the flax bush,
for she is an expert worker, and an industrious person")
Rita Edgar - Layered Pottery

Rita came to NZ in early '50s.
Educated in Christchurch
Moved to Nelson '74
Joined Zenith '76
Learned to Throw & Sculpt
Rejoined Craft Potters '97

Always looking for elusive design, texture, colour.
It was diffcult to photograph these beautiful Harakeke Putiputi, as they have been framed with reflective glass. They deserve a closer examination.
Pania Brunning - Flax paper products

Contact: Pania Brunning 022 3156 331 Email
or Evelyn Brunning 021 1766 114 Email

See also our November 2015 Exhibition for more of Pania's work.
Some items already sold from previous exhibition
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