Fibre Spectrum July 2017 Exhibition
by Jackie Archer
Handspun, hand dyed yarns and knitwear

Artist's Statement:

"I have been spinning and weaving for many years producing mainly woven rugs, cushions and other household items until I stopped around ten years ago and concentrated on the spinning.

I have a love of colour and the combinations of colour. I use Coopworth fleece and dye and spin each colour batch individually. Whether you purchase a garment or yarn each item made will be one off.

As a founding member of Fibre Spectrum,
I have taken this opportunity to exhibit at the time of their 30 year anniversary'


Ph:03 5467783 e:
Handspun, hand dyed Yarns and Knitwear.

Price List & Information

Large hanks of yarn = $42 each. Small hanks of yarn = $21 each
Oddments of yarn = $8 each. Mohair/Wool yarn = $14 each.
Hat = $65 Snood = $65 Jersey = $250 Cardigan = $285
3 large hanks of yarn (6 small) will make a medium-large jersey or cardigan.
1 small hank should make an average hat. 1 large (2 small) will make a snood.
I recommend 4.5 needles for main knitting.
Hank weight large approx. 180gr. Small approx. 90gr.
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