Fibre Spectrum December 2017 Exhibition

"Where The Wild Things Were"
By Kaye Bel Cher          
a collection of recent abstract and symbolic works
pertaining to the land and how we as humans connect to it.
Artist Statement:


These paintings I have worked with over the last year have a definite theme which relates to my connection to Jungian thought, resonating in the collective unconscious.

I find many disturbances in the outer world because the inner life is not being honoured on this planet. Being born into a beautiful environment from a young age, growing up in the fifties , I can see the changes. There are post-war traumas that continue to this day, from weary men fighting other peoples' wars. The land is being carved up for real estate and everywhere people are hell driven on making some quick money at the expense of the environment.

Poisons were rampant even when I was young but now there are even more chemicals permeating the land and sea .Our immune systems are breaking down under the strain. Nature has a way of restoring the balance and has no mercy if people happen to get in the way. If this madness is to continue (and it is) I fear for the wild creatures and good people of this planet and hope one day the ignorant will "see".
I pray the Goddess will return to all of us so we can again live in the sacredness of life.


Native birds endangered and present.
All creatures great and small.
Have your favourite pet painted on a rock.
Fabulous "Rock Stars" ....orders of commissioned work.
Acrylic on rocks and stones are sealed with varnish.

Note that it is advisable to keep them protected from the elements, as most acrylic will fade or be prone to wear over time.
Make great paper weights
Brighten up a dull corner
Great door stops

1. Crafty Creatures $450.00
2.  The Big Sleep $600.00
3. The Endless Enigma $900.00
4. The Breath of Life $450.00
5. Fault Lines $600.00
6. Composition 1 $800.00
7. Be Present $700.00
8. Where the Wild Things Are 1 $800.00
9. Where the Wild Things Are 2 $400.00
10. Small bird paintings $40.00
11. Selection of painted native birds on rocks $60.00
12. Where the Wild Things Are 3 $400.00
13. Cushion Covers $35.00 ea. (+ $5 for inners)
14. Cards $8 each

My images are printed on products at Red Bubble web
site, which is linked to my website
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