Fibre Spectrum Co-Operative
March 2017 Exhibition
Itajime Shibori - The Art of Fold and Clamp

Resisting silks and cottons to create geometric patterns.  Recent works by Susanne Williamson,  fabric  artist. 

Artist Statement:

"I have been dyeing and sewing fabrics for over 35 years.
I use specially formulated silk and cotton dyes, which I steam into the fabric, which makes the colours vibrant and permanent.
Influenced by my environment, each day presents itself as a creative adventure to be explored.
I have studied Fashion and Design at NMIT, and have attended numerous dyeing workshops.
Also, I have been a regular stall holder at the Nelson Saturday Market for the last 22 years. Where I sell a range of hand-dyed scarves, visors and many other gift items.
Please feel free to take one of my business cards. You are welcome to leave a comment about this exhibition on my Facebook page or my website ".
Price List:
Number Item Description Retail Price (NZ$)
1 Apron, Cotton, blue, white, pale green $60.00
2 Apron, Cotton, blue, white $60.00
3 Apron, Cotton, blue, white, pale turq, pockets $60.00
4 Apron, Cotton, orangy red, printed blossom $65.00
5 Apron, Cotton, blue, white, and pale turquoise $60.00
6 Cotton textured scarf,shawl, denim blue and white $62.00
7 Habotai silk square scarf 90 cm, black and pinks $55.00
8 Paj silk, rainbow itajime hand-painted, 90 x 200cm $60.00
9 Paj silk, pinks itajime hand-painted, 54 x 220cm $55.00
10 Neckwarmer, 22 x 200 cm, blacks and reds $58.00
11 Flat crepe silk, 28 x 150 cm. blacks and reds $65.00
12 Silk scarf,22 x 150 double layer, blues and lilacs $49.00
13 Silk scarf,22 x 150 double layer, lilacs $49.00
14 Silk/cotton mix, 35 x 150 cm, double layer $60.00
15 Silk Scarf, 20 x 135cm, purples and magenta $40.00
16 Silk, hand-spun, with fringe, blues $65.00
17 Cotton textured scarf, denim blue,purple, cream $50.00
18 Silk/cotton mix, 32 x 180 cm, voile with fringe $45.00
19 Silk, hand-spun, with fringe, blacks and reds $65.00
20 Silk Scarf, 28 x 150cm,blacks and reds $42.00
21 Silk/wool mix, blacks and reds $48.00 $65.00
22 Linen scarf/fringe/denim blues/with fringe $65
23 Silk/cotton mix, 44 x 210 cm, spring greens $58.00
24 Cotton square scarf, blues, 80 cm square $38
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